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Here's How Her Story Began

Creativity and care hair of has always been a passion. The creative lessons came from my Big Sister as I marveled over the hairstyles she gave me. I can recall my first work of art as a six-grader braiding and beading my own hair making sure my beads matched my tops for the week.


 As an adult I obtained my degree and ventured off into corporate America. In 2008 I became a licensed Barber. I continued in corporate America and only utilizing my natural born talent as a hobby. It wasn’t until March of 2019 that I decided to take a leap of Faith and become self-employed as a full- time Barber. Even then, I was not one hundred percent sure of what skills I should focus on as a Barber and stylist.


  My daughter shared with me her research of the Sisterlock TM system and encouraged me to seek training. With her encouragement, I attended the Sisterlock TM training in September of 2019 in San Diego, CA (the home office). I was not prepared nor could I phantom the direction this training would take my career despite a full pandemic. In July of 2021 I became the first and only Certified Sisterlock TM Consultant in Fort Wayne, Indiana which solidified my leap of Faith. The end results of a creative work of art, which is what this system is, have always been the motivating factor even as a child. As a licensed Barber and natural hairstylist the Sisterlock TM system is the “Ultimate Natural hairstyle for any profession”.

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